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core-1thumbCore Design Group, LLC, a freelance design firm serving exhibit houses, events and advertising and marketing agencies has launched, an online collection of custom exhibit design solutions. Options range from in-line exhibits to 50-by-50 island configurations. provides a range of services and price points. Clients can download free low-res comps that can be used for conceptual presentation purposes, or for a low fee, download high-res comps. For a nominal upgrade charge, Core Design Group will customize the rendering with logos, colors, graphics and materials to reflect end-client branding. When a project sells, clients can purchase a build license complete with CAD drawings. For full control and ownership, clients can purchase an exclusive license to retire the design from the catalog. satisfies the need for quality exhibit design turned around quickly and delivered cost effectively.

“ fulfills our clients’ requests for a less-expensive alternative to full custom design that doesn’t sacrifice creativity or quality,” said Dave Linderman, design partner, Core Design Group. “Now exhibit companies and agencies can creatively tackle low-budget design projects, cost-effectively pull together concepts to spark ideas, and be creatively competitive without over-investing in speculative bid situations.”

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