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Orbus Exhibit & Display Group achieves G7 certification


Orbus is among the first to attain the specification for G7 digital printing.

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group recently announced it has achieved the G7 Master Print specification. With over 10 state-of-the-art printers, Orbus provides graphics that complement its line of hardware products. The company specializes in printing graphics for tradeshow products such as banner stands, pop-ups, light boxes, dye-sub fabric displays and truss displays.

Orbus is among the first to attain the specification for G7 digital printing. While G7 has been widely used and respected in the commercial printing field, it is fairly new to the inkjet industry.

G7 specifies the components of an image that define a similar visual appearance to the human eye.

“Consistent, accurate color from different print devices is extremely important to us and our clients, and G7 has made that a reality for us,” said Aaron Kozar, vice president of graphics for Orbus. “We offer UV, dye sub and solvent graphic options on a wide variety of printed materials, so consistent visual appearance can be a challenge. The G7 specification has allowed us to not only produce similar visual appearances with our processes internally, but also with other G7 printers in the offset and screen industry.”



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