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Audience Insights earns EEIAC Certification

On June 11, the Exhibition and Event Industry Audit Commission (EEIAC) announced that Audience Insights based in Framingham, Mass. has been approved for the industry-wide attendance certification program conducted by EEIAC.

EEIAC requires firms that apply for certification to provide documentation as to their competence to perform independent audits; agree in advance to conform to EEIAC published standards for the conduct of tradeshow or consumer event audits and provide copies of actual completed audits. Re-certification is required each calendar year. Once a provider has been certified, exhibitions and events are eligible to display the “EEIAC Certified” service mark.

Audience Insights has met each of these provisions and will adhere to the EEIAC Standards for Conducting Business-to-Business Exhibition and Event Audit.

“We are proud to have Audience Insights as a partner in this important program,” said Dan Cole, CEM, EEIAC chairman. “Collectively, we are committed to continually raising the quality and credibility of the industry, and they exemplify the standard practices for all companies who conduct exhibitions and events.”

Those interested in EEIAC certification can visit

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