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Nomadic Display expands to the East Coast

Based on the growing demand for custom exhibit rental solutions, Nomadic Display has expanded its rental program by adding a second display rental facility conveniently located on the East Coast.

“With rental facilities in the east and west, we’re now able to help reduce freight costs by using the rental inventory from the location closest to the exhibitor’s show,” said Pat Goeke, president and CEO, Nomadic Display. “We also offer free display delivery and pick up to exhibitors that order a complete tradeshow display rental with I&D services from Nomadic for their shows in Las Vegas or Washington D.C.”

For more than eight years, Nomadic has been supplying exhibit rentals from its Las Vegas


Nomadic Display for Blue Diamond

facility. In the past few years, Nomadic has experienced steady growth in the demand for booth rentals for shows in cities located in the east. This led Nomadic to expand its program to better serve exhibitors with a second location in Washington D.C.

Nomadic offers an extensive selection of pre-designed tradeshow display rentals, custom exhibit rentals designed by the firm’s Solutions Studio, and add-on display rentals to expand existing owned properties. Additional services that Nomadic offer include graphic production, carpet, furniture, freight arrangements, installation and dismantling and storage.

Nomadic Display produces tradeshow displays for purchase or rent. The firm has displays in 200 showrooms in more than 34 countries.

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