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New AIPC Academy format keeps it on the cutting edge

The AIPC Academy, brought by International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC), directly addresses today’s key convention center management issues.

AIPC Column_logoTaking place Feb. 9-14 at Dolce La Hulpe, a Belgium-based training facility, the academy’s program content continues to fulfill the original Academy mandate of providing a broad-based understanding of the range of functions required for a successful center operation – but will be applied in a way that encourages and supports a focus on the most immediate challenges and opportunities facing managers.

Leading concerns relate to operational and marketing issues but also the questions of reporting, managing standards, developing leadership and structure and adapting the facility and service product to the new demands of the market.

Along with a core faculty based on AIPC member professionals, the Academy will draw in research, market measurement, problem-solving and leadership development expertise from a range of disciplines outside of the industry in order to provide the best-rounded content in its history.

One immediate outcome of this new approach is that it lends itself well to returning participants who may have experienced it in the past but will find a significant change in content and approach given the new emphasis on current industry issues.

The AIPC Academy has been one of AIPC’s greatest success stories, and this shift of emphasis is intended to make sure it stays on the sharp edge of what will deliver the most value to both participants and their respective organizations. Now is the time for previous participants in the Academy to return and bring with them their accumulated knowledge and expertise in the kinds of exchanges this new format will facilitate!

AIPC is a membership organization that encourages and recognizes the highest standards in facility management and operations. To learn more about its academy, visit

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