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MG Design names new manager, digital engagements

MG Design announced an employee’s promotion to manager, digital engagement.

Since joining the MG team in 2013, Ben Hermsen has been instrumental in helping clients build their digital tradeshow footprint and engagement with custom digital content including animation, video, interactive, Web and lead capture capabilities.

ECN 092015_POM_MG Design_Ben H

“It’s hard to overestimate the importance of digital content within engagements. Exhibitor Magazine’s recent Tech Survey illustrates the tremendous importance of technology within exhibit and event marketing with 63 percent of respondents saying that technology has ‘limitless’ potential. That’s an incredibly strong statement and Ben’s exceptional talent in digital, web, photo and video have helped us to grow these services,” said Ben Olson, vice president, marketing, MG Design.

“From tradeshow apps to videos and interactive experiences, Ben’s expertise helps MG build digital experiences that educate, entertain and engage,” said Olson. “Great content is essential to great experiences and Ben’s involvement in creating apps, interactives and videos for use on tablets, touchscreens, video walls, mobile and other applications helps MG create more powerful engagements for our clients and their customers.”

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