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Industry veterans form new events company in Austin

Unveiling a new event management agency are meetings industry veterans who collectively have about 75 years of expertise.

Experience is the new name with founders Gail Beaubian, T. Scott Schriefer and Lytle Pressley at the helm. The company will be headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Beaubian has a background in event management, incentive travel and corporate social responsibility while Schriefer’s resume includes both event management and specialization in large-scale productions. Pressley, meanwhile, has been active in Austin’s art scene for 15 years.

The backgrounds of those involved should bring success to Experience, according to Beaubian.

“Being able to team up with creative forces of Scott and Lytle’s caliber is a thrill,” said Beaubian. “We are ready to elevate the art of event design and production. I think the world is primed for the kind of flair and beauty that Experience can create.”

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