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Hundreds of exhibitors reserve space for ProMat 2015

Reserving their spaces for ProMat 2015 is what attracted hundreds of potential exhibitors to Chicago in late 2013.

Dubbed an exhibit space draw, some 400 exhibitors reserved about 240,000 square feet of show space.

Sponsored by MHI, ProMat 2015 is a large international material handling, logistics and supply chain show and conference scheduled for Mar. 23-26, 2015, McCormick Place in Chicago.

Show officials said the record amount of space reserved represented about 79 percent of the ProMat show floor, suggesting the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry is healthy and growing.

The show attracts 30,000 visitors from over 100 countries and will also feature an international visitors center, providing international trade specialists and matchmaking services for buyers and sellers.

According to George W. Prest, CEO, MHI, the results of the space draw shows bright days ahead for the industry as a whole.

“The record success of the ProMat 2015 exhibit space draw is a clear indicator that MHI members have a positive economic outlook for 2014 and beyond. This bodes very well for both ProMat 2015 and the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry as a whole,” said Prest.

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