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Holman announces new ownership

Holman (formerly known as Holman Exhibits), a Toronto-based company that provides marketing strategies for exhibits, environments, museums, interiors and retail projects, has announced that two of its senior executives have purchased the privately held company.

Wendy Cudney

Wendy Cudney

Wendy Cudney, VP finance, and Dirk Trefzger, VP operations, have become principal owners of Holman after acquiring the company from Peter Holman, who founded the company more than 40 years ago. Cudney has been with Holman for more than 27 years. Trefzger joined Holman nine years ago after returning from an assignment in Europe, and has more than 20 years of experience working in various capacities in the industry.

“We planned this thoroughly over the past few years and we’re excited to see the Holman brand continue its 40-year tradition of superb service and the finest in design and craftsmanship,” said Holman. “The continuation of the firm was important to me, and both my partners have proven their ability to manage and grow it for quite some time now.”

Dirk Trefzger

Dirk Trefzger

As part of the succession planning, Holman will remain with the company in the capacity of an account manager and design director.

In a joined statement, Cudney and Trefzger elaborated on the company’s mission statement: “Our belief in the company and product, commitment to our clients, and our focus on people and culture ensures we are now in a position to take full advantage of our opportunity to bring Holman to new levels in customer satisfaction. It is vital in order to reach full growth potential.”



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