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Global Spectrum selected to manage Canalside on Buffalo’s Waterfront

Entering into a new contract with Global Spectrum was the result of a vote by the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) regarding the management at Canalside in Buffalo, N.Y.

Global Spectrum will assume day-to-day operations including hiring staff and selling commercial rights and sponsorships.

The contract amount yielded just over $1.7 million.

According to Robert Gioia, chairman, ECHDC, the partnership is relying on outside experts to bring in fresh ideas and new perspectives to the facility.

“Canalside aspires to be a world-class destination. On the heels of several successful years, Canalside is transitioning from a public space to a true destination,” said Gioia.

As part of the a three-year contract, Global Spectrum will work with Buffalo Place to continue the popular Summer 2014 concert series at Canalside. The firm will also partner with the Arts Services Initiative of Western New York for program development at the waterfront venue.

Global Spectrum manages more than 100 other public facilities worldwide.

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