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* indicates required to celebrate 10th anniversary, Inc., an online provider of portable tradeshow displays based in Dallas, commemorates a major milestone this summer.

Celebrating 10 years, the company has serviced tradeshow exhibitors globally through its two websites.

“Our objective was to provide a platform pleasing to the professional marketing eye; uncluttered navigation with user friendly tools; fast, easy access to an array of tradeshow solutions and a porthole to trusted industry leaders in design, logistics and manufacturing,” said Chad Rogowicz, COO, “We are especially grateful to our clients and vendors for helping us achieve these objectives and look forward to what the next 10 years unfolds for all.”

Operating under a long-held, unofficial industry belief that “clients can’t sell a used exhibit” with the creation of a “pre-owned” exhibits, connects buyers to sellers of previously used tradeshow displays and components via consignment at a fraction of the original cost.

To assist the process, the company also unveiled a patented online estimating tool for clients to valuate their existing exhibit properties as well as the ability to offer the industry a green recycling/reuse alternative. The firm’s goal is to prevent millions of dollars worth of usable and modifiable tradeshow displays from being added to the nation’s landfills.

Later introducing a sister website called, the site offers new, modular tradeshow display products and services.

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