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EA Logistics expands with new Chicago area facility

EA Logistics, a full-service transportation and warehousing company based in Wood Dale, Ill., added a new 110,000 square-foot warehouse and service center near Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

ECN 032015_MDW_EA Logistics expands with new Chicago area facility

With over 75,000 square feet of racked or bulk storage available, the company’s goal is to provide customers with a custom-tailored solution at a great price.

Coupled with its online WMS & TMS, it’s an unbeatable package that is easy-to-use and provides customers with control and visibility from their desktop or mobile device. EA continues to provide a complete menu of transportation, logistics and warehousing services.

To learn more, visit, or contact Mike Ellis for a quote at 630-595-4600 x20 or

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