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Ron, an online search directory, has named Ron Gebhardt as regional director of sales.

Gebhardt has spent all of his 25 professional years in the hospitality industry, focused on producing top-line improvement, strategic planning and providing structure and direction to hospitality organizations.

“Ron knows what it takes to demonstrate value to customers, and that’s what he brings to our operation,” said Katherine Markham, CHME, co-founder and principal. “We are thrilled to have him join our team.”

Gebhardt has served as associate director of sales at the Disneyland Hotel, director of sales and marketing for the Pan Pacific Hotel in Anaheim, director of sales and marketing for the Melrose Hotel in Dallas, executive director of sales and marketing for Sedona Resorts and complex director of sales and marketing for the Westin and Sheraton Grand Bahamas Resorts.

Gebhardt was also the publisher of Resorts & Great Hotels and Meeting Traveler Magazine and producer of the Private Meetings Summit.

“The decision to join was an easy one because I believe strongly in the business model the company has created,” said Gebhardt. “Meeting professionals can use the site without registering and without paying any commissions. That’s what they want, and we can give it to them.”



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