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The Green Piece

Take a Walk on the Boardwalk – By Haley Freeman

Las Vegas may be one of the nation’s greatest meeting destinations, with its millions of square feet of convention space, glamorous hotel-casinos and endless entertainment choices. But you have to admit that the desert has one drawback: all beach; no

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The View From Poolside: Tales of a Frequent Trade Show Exhibitor – By Haley Freeman

J.R. Rapp knows shows. That’s because he (at right) is the director of business development and frequent trade show exhibitor for a Las Vegas-based software company that has disrupted the global pool design industry with its mission of “improving lives

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2017 Green Resource Guide – By Haley Freeman

I frequently find myself looking for green resources and feeling frustrated by dead web links or sites of questionable provenance. Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of trusted purveyors of green right at your fingertips? I thought so,

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City by Nature – By Haley Freeman

When someone says, “Minneapolis,” what comes to mind? I’ll bet it isn’t the Mississippi River. The Mighty Mississippi is a shining ribbon that unfurls from a glacial lake in Northern Minnesota, winds through the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint

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Unexpected Eden – By Haley Freeman

History says that King Nebuchadnezzar II, who ruled the city of Babylon for 43 years beginning in 605 BC, constructed fantastic gardens to soothe his young bride. Amyitis left her home in the verdant and mountainous region of Media to

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Learning From the Wisdom of the Ancients – By Haley Freeman

If you visit Nimes, France today, you can experience what it was like for the ancients to attend large-scale events. The Nimes Arena (photo right), a Roman colosseum commissioned by Emperor Augustus in the first century AD, still stands as

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Las Vegas Venue Delivers Sustainability With Style – By Haley Freeman

By Haley Freeman                      Las Vegas has finally gone and done it. After decades of planning and debate, the city unveiled its state-of-the-art, multipurpose sports and entertainment arena on the sexy South Strip on April 6, 2016. The 650,000 square foot

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A Walk on the Wild Side – By Haley Freeman

In honor of the San Diego Zoo’s centennial celebration, I got to thinking about some of America’s world class zoos as event destinations that offer the ultimate accommodations for people who value conservancy and sustainability. The San Diego Zoo, San

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Urban Vert – By Haley Freeman

By Haley Freeman Posh. Eclectic. Radically distinctive. When you visit an Ace Hotel location anywhere in the world, you will encounter something extraordinary. And inventively green. I recently became lost to the mythic vibe and grand proportions of Ace’s digs

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Green Festival Celebrates the Best in Sustainability

Imagine a place where the latest innovations in green products, services, food, lifestyle and business are gathered together under a single roof – a place where environmentally sound policies are put into practice by a large community of people with

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