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Employment Corner

Employment Strategy Corner: How to avoid a major hiring pitfall

  Phil Kemper In this issue, we talk about how you can avoid the pitfall of a prolonged search by having more confidence in your choice – especially when your choice is the first candidate you interview.  

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Employment Strategy Corner: The “never can say goodbye” syndrome

  Phil Kemper More and more of you tell me you have seen a promising “turn around” in business conditions within the past few months. Order volume is up, and the cash register is beginning to ring once again. You

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Employment Strategy Corner: Finding the truth in resumes

Phil Kemper Over the past months, a good number of my clients have expressed concern over not just the heavy volume, but the content of the resumes they have been receiving from prospective candidates. It seems to be getting harder

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Employment Strategy Corner: Eliminating "revolving door" jobs

Phil Kemper Have you ever been in the unfortunate position of having to let an employee go, all the while feeling that if your company, or you, had invested a little more in training that employee, you wouldn’t be in

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Employment Strategy Corner: Illegal interview questions

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of selecting legal interview questions. Many of my client companies have expressed interest in this subject and have written me from time to time asking about proper interview questions and answers. Most of us know

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The cost of unfilled positions

After all my years in the employment and staffing field, and as founder and president of the search firm Kemper Associates, I am amazed to find how many companies perform in a damage control and seat-of-the-pants fashion in many every

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