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View from the Floor

So You Want to Plan a Wedding…

  As exhibition designers, there are times when our best ideas just can’t fit the budget. We all wish we had more clients with big scale ideas and more money, but be careful what you wish for as you might

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Social Security is a self-sustaining fund

We’ve been brainwashed into believing that a secure retirement is incompatible with the objectives of a capitalist economy. I grew up in a time when we understood that taking care of our citizens made sense from a moral and practical

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Right to work legislation affects us all

Last month, there was a development in Michigan which might have a dramatic impact on the political, social and economic well-being of every middle class union worker in that state. On Dec. 11th, the GOP-dominated Michigan Legislature rushed through “right

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The clock is ticking

When you’re a child you can’t wait to get older, because the grown-ups seem to have all of the power and money. They are the authority figures in your life. They are your parents and teachers. They dictate when you

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It shouldn't be a surprise tradeshows choose Chicago

A September press conference was held in Chicago announcing two major tradeshows had agreed to hold their events in the Windy City for the foreseeable future. The National Restaurant Show and the International Manufacturing Technology Show extended their contracts through

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A lesson from Iceland

We’ve been in a recession since 2008, and there has been a lot of talk about how we can return to the prosperity of the 1990s. Many proposals involve methods which made sense at one time but have failed to

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The backbone of our country

Are you ashamed to be middle class? I know that may seem like an absurd concept, but just consider it for a second. While it sounds ridiculous someone would be embarrassed to have a steady job, a comfortable home and

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Injury drives home importance of worksite safety

In early May, while working at the Rosemont Convention Center, I attempted to move some equipment I needed for a job I was doing. It fell over on to top of me, causing a severe crushing injury to my foot.

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Unions are good for America

Last month there was an election in Wisconsin that had implications for every union member in the tradeshow industry, as well as every union member throughout the country.  Governor Scott Walker held off a recall election that was brought about

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NATO summit should bring change to tradeshow industry

The NATO summit was held in Chicago last month, and perhaps this is a good time to look back and assess the results of this conference. This summit was newsworthy for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it was

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