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Blue Telescope wins 4 Communicator Awards

Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, was awarded four Communicator Awards, including three Awards of Distinction and one Award of Excellence.

The projects were selected from a pool of more than 6,000 entries.

“I am thrilled that our team is being recognized for the fantastic work they do,” said Trent Oliver, CEO, Blue Telescope. “We are so lucky to have amazing artists at Blue Telescope.”

Awards of Distinction were granted to the following exhibits:

  • Cultivate Your Brand, a greenhouse-themed Kinect game and social media experience at EXHIBITOR2013 demonstrating Blue Telescope’s interactive design capabilities
  • Watson Grand Prix Challenge, a race car-themed game show challenge presented at the American Urological Association’s 2013 Annual Meeting to educate physicians about the company’s product line
  • Bausch + Lomb Interactive Exploration Station, a gesture based multi-screen experience presented at medical conventions to educate health care professionals about the brand’s Lotemax Gel

An Award of Excellence was also given to the Xerox Innovation Game that Blue Telescope created in partnership with The Brand Experience. It is a permanent, interactive game installation at Xerox’s Executive Briefing Center in New York City that lets users discover connections between the company’s innovations of the past and present.

Founded two decades ago, the Communicator Awards is an annual competition honoring excellence in marketing and communications. It is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of Visual Arts, an invitation-only group consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, communications, advertising, creative and marketing firms.

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