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ISES adds VisitScotland as global partner

The International Special Events Society (ISES) announced Feb. 3 VisitScotland as the newest Global Partner in its expanding Global Partner Program.

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ICAT Logistics’ ‘ICAT Way’ contributes to successful 2014

ICAT Logistics Inc. (ICAT), a leading agency-based freight forwarder in the U.S., announced Jan. 27 that it has continued to achieve significant growth and expansive business success over 2014.

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Electronically enhancing your exhibit experience

  Greetings my fellow tradeshow enthusiasts! It’s May, summer is around the corner and temperatures are rising. It is in this germane that this month’s lesson is about what’s “hot” with electronics for exhibitors on the tradeshow floor.

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'Scanning' the world of electronic lead retrieval

Hello, class. Welcome back. It’s April – which is the month many organizations and individuals celebrate and observe Earth Day (April 22, 2013) with ambitious “Going Green” advancements. Exhibiting – at large – is becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious with

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Speaking the language: tradeshow terminology

Welcome back, class. For this month’s lesson, we are going to review the compelling constellation of tradeshow terminology, jargon, lingo and, yes, even slang. The world is a literary labyrinth of languages with roughly 6,500 spoken globally. Within nearly all

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Facets and factors of the tradeshow of all tradeshows

Welcome back, class and my fellow tradeshow fiends. I am very excited about the serendipitous nature of this month’s column wherein which we are going to discuss the Rolls Royce event of all that is tradeshows and focus on its

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Those Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

It’s January and I know everyone is just recovering from the holidays, but TradeShow Teacher is energized and ready to start 2013 with a bang. This is the time of year when everyone is trying to make good on those

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The five G’s of tradeshow success

Welcome back, class. In school, there are many techniques and tools – such as acronyms and mnemonic devices – designed to help students learn and memorize crucial information. In this column, we will cover much of the information that we

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Going the extra mile: tips for the tradeshow traveler

Welcome back, class. This month, my lesson will cover some of the best ways for tradeshow travelers to stay “connected” to the ones they love while away on an exhibiting excursion.

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Tradeshow Horrors! (And how to avoid them)

Hello, students! Well, it’s officially fall. The air is getting crisp and cool, the leaves are falling from the trees and we’re all counting the days until my favorite holiday – Halloween! With today’s lesson plan, let’s start the festivities

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