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New expos cover the tradeshow landscape

New tradeshows have been popping up across the expo landscape for the past several years. From cars and RVs to baths and spas, these new shows offer exhibitors a range of new venues to do business with companies for their

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Wi-Fi Study: Internet access at top convention centers

Among the factors that make a tradeshow successful is Internet accessibility. Attendees and exhibitors on the show floor need to be able to access email and social networks, otherwise the success of their tradeshow program dwindles.

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LinkedIn considered best choice for the tradeshow industry

From Facebook to Pinterest, the range of available social media websites offers many different functions for professionals in the tradeshow industry. However, the problem with having so many choices is deciding which channel to use when connecting with others in

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Convention Center cuisine receives an upgrade

At convention centers throughout the U.S., food service providers have started bringing on professional chefs to head up facility kitchens. These culinary elite are creating new food and beverage programs and up-ing the ante for convention center cuisine.

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“New” Moscone Center opens for expos in San Francisco

As the final phase of its renovation is completed, a “new” convention center is emerging in the North and South buildings of the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif.

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Women can have it all

A job in the tradeshow industry means traveling often and working long hours. It means answering phone calls in the middle of the night and making sure clients are happy and satiated. With all of these demands, women in the

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New international terminal to open at McCarran Airport

On June 27, 2012, McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nev., will open Terminal 3, a $2.4 billion addition to the existing two-terminal building. T3’s main purpose will be to serve international flights and help alleviate traffic for other areas in

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LVCVA plans renovations for convention center area

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority (LVCVA) has started discussing plans to renovate and re-create the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). The 3.2 million-square-foot facility, however, will not be the only focus of this makeover.

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Understanding the modeling industry

For tradeshow models, having a regular, nine-to-five day job is boring. Typically, these women are working at a new tradeshow every week, where they have to learn about a new company and new product, and present it to new attendees and

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Creating a sustainable tradeshow lifecycle

Throughout the last decade, major emphasis has been put on saving the environment and creating sustainable practices. Recycling options are everywhere: Grocery stores are recycling plastic bags, programs for recycling electronics have started popping up, and even charities that repurpose

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