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Anaheim Convention Center expansion up for debate

Whether a $190-million expansion at Anaheim Convention Center gets the green light rests on the Anaheim City Council giving the go ahead.

At its meeting on July 22, the Council will review whether to fund the addition to the facility with $300 million in revenue bonds.

ECN 072014_SW_Anaheim Convention Center expansion

In May, the original financing scheme for the expansion was legally challenged by Coalition of Anaheim Taxpayers for Economic Responsibility (CATER), a non-profit oversight group of Anaheim residents. The group’s main goal is to keep an eye on how taxpayer money is spent. They along with a dissenting councilmember, Mayor Tom Tait, are against the expansion’s price tag.

Originally, construction was scheduled to start on the 200,000 square-foot expansion in June. Legal actions taken by CATER means that if the project is approved, it won’t open until 2017. Initial announcements indicated the project would be completed in August 2016.

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