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$500k grant goes toward Internet upgrades at Buffalo Niagara Convention Center

Eliminating issues with limited Internet connectivity, a $500,000 grant gave Buffalo Niagara Convention Center (BNCC) the capability to host technology conferences.

This investment into the 110,000 square-foot multipurpose facility from Empire State Development, a public authority, and New York’s Erie County allowed the venue to host the Higher Education Web Professionals annual conference from Oct. 5-9.

Hosting this conference, which was for Web professionals working at institutions of higher education, meant having a strong network. To prepare, BNCC added 100 MB of bandwidth; more than 240 data ports; free Wi-Fi in certain areas, 70 wireless access points; accommodation of up to 7,000 devices; and 11 digital signage boards.

Escapewire provided BNCC with project management and support for the project, and Windstream installed the Internet.

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