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3D Exhibits moves into client-driven, collaborative workspace

Reflecting its culture and delivering added value to clients, 3D Exhibits has moved into its new 250,000-square-feet headquarters in Schaumberg, Ill.

3D Exhibits’ new home creates operational efficiencies, inspires collaboration and stimulates creative ideation. Features include causal conversation areas, state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and an onsite gym.

3D new office seating low res

Office seating area in 3D Exhibits’ new 250,000-square-feet space.

“We asked our clients and ourselves, ‘What would an ideal work environment be like?’ And then we created it,” said Gene Faut, president, 3D Exhibits.

Highlights include a popcorn machine in the lobby and a 30-feet-tall freestanding red cube that serves as a conference and meeting space.

To show off its new home, 3D Exhibits invites its customers and prospects for a tour.

“It’s really more of a journey than a tour because it’s customized to fit every visitors’ need,” said Faut. “No two journeys are the same.”

Schedule a journey by emailing Nicole Genarella at



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